Strawberry Daiquiri

1 Cocktail x €9.50
4 Cocktails €35.00
6 Cocktails €50.00


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Cocktail Club is delighted to introduce to you the frozen Strawberry Daiquiri form the Created for
you range where each pouch delivered contains 2 serves.
The Classic Strawberry Daiquiri a proven firm favourite on any Cocktail menu over the decades with
the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Blind Tiger mixologists have taken the classic up a step
enhancing the Classic Strawberry Daiquiri by replacing traditionally used house rum for Matuslum 8-
year rum whilst utilising only their finest strawberry puree mixing with citrus and gomme creating a
Strawberry Daiquiri of sweeter notes, Vibrant red tones and smooth soft palate, the perfect serve to
a summer dinner party or cool down with as the sun beams down relaxing in the garden.
To create the perfect Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri; upon delivery freeze the pouch containing the
Daiquiri for 4/5 hours or alternatively overnight till you are ready to consume, once fully frozen
allow to defrost for 2 hours, pour into a hurricane glass over crushed ice and enjoy.
In need of a hurricane glass at home for the perfect Daquiri serve? Click here to add Hurricane
glassware to your order
The Limited-edition Strawberry Daiquiri contains 25% alcohol.

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