Fruit Salad Daiquiri


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Fruit Salad Daiquiri is part of Cocktail Club Retro and Unique serve daiquiris created by Blind Tiger
Mixologists. The easy to drink Fruit Salad Daiquiri is the perfect cocktail to quench your thirst in the
summer sun. This cool slushy cocktail is great for entertaining too. The fruit salad daiquiri contains a
combination of Light Rum Strawberries and Watermelon offering refreshing and sweet vibes.
For the perfect serve, upon delivery freeze the Fruit Salad Daiquiri pouch for 4/5 hours or
alternatively overnight till you are ready to consume. Once fully frozen allow to defrost for 2 hours,
you can serve in any glass however for best serve we recommend pour into a hurricane glass over
crushed ice, and enjoy your refreshing, smooth Cocktails. The Fruit Salad Daiquiri is the ultimate
retro refreshing Summer cocktail.
In need of a hurricane glass at home for the perfect Daiquiri serve. Click here to add
Hurricane glassware to your order

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